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Most of us operate in traditional markets and business models, not or marginally influenced by the digital economy. With the raise of amazon, YouTube, airbnb, Netflix or Uber companies facing market disrupting platform businesses with exponential growth rates. Leaving this new competitive landscape unnoticed can risk your business or company. Digital Enterprise knows how to address these new opportunities and helping customers leveraging the digital enterprise platform business.

New Economies Equal Platform Economies
The market is changing rapidly from product to service, from DIY to managed- and cloud services. The deployment- and consumption models are in transition. In many markets you don't scale and grow your business in the traditional linear old business models and -organisations any more. The value of distributors, resellers and branches is diluting, because the consumer/customer interacts directly via platforms from vendors and producers. The informed customer leads the buying process, not the traditional supply chain. To participate in this market transition, you need to develop platforms which map demand and supply in fast and large scalable ways. Digital Enterprise offers you the needed Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS) and is escorting you during this transition process.

Digital Disruption to Recreate Exponential Business
As Economics are about demand and supply, so is the Digital Enterprise Framework. It maps demand and supply over the top of the traditional value chain. Creating a virtual overlay of the physical value- and supply chain. The business scales via automation-, network- and platform effects. The customer value enriches through data analytics and real time engagement.

Digital Enterprise Composes Your Exponential Business
Creating your transformational models, embedding them into your enterprise, for the benefit of real time automation and interaction, proactive intelligence and engagement innovation, delivering superior customer experience.

Digital Enterprise Framework for Exponential Business
The Digital Enterprise Framework for Exponential Business is structured in five transformational models:

1. RAW Model
The RAW Model reduces your current business to the max. It's not about lean operation. It's about focus on customer values. Customer growth, -productivity and -compliance define the key activities.

2. Financial Metrics Management Model
The Financial Metrics Management Model describes the development of metrics that verifies the initiatives you are driving to reach your financial goals, on a frequent base. The cockpit information helps you to correlate cause and effect. Results in business visibility needed to manoeuvre your initiatives to success.

3. Relationship Model
The Relationship Model creates new customer value propositions and client relationships. Utilising digital technologies to fundamentally improve the customer value and experience.

4. Massive Transformative Purpose Model
The MTP is the higher, aspirational purpose of the organisation, capturing the hearts and minds, imaginations and ambitions of the people inside- and especially outside of your organisation. The MTP provides meaning and direction.

5. Exponential Organisation Model
The ExO surpasses the linear growth mechanisms by harnessing a wholly digital distribution model. Build on an exponential platform to enable entire new value chains and new ecosystems. Automation, virtualization, disintermediation and superior operation reduce the supply chain cost.

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